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PriorityStart! Protecting Your Batteries and
Keeping Them From Going Dead Automatically

For Over 20 Years!

For Your Cars, Trucks, Emergency Vehicles, Boats, & RV's

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PriorityStart! 12v ProMax H.D.

What is PriorityStart!?
Why do I need it?

Watch the 47-second video to find out why!

Because Starting Is The Priority!

Don't Get Stuck...  Get Started!

PriorityStart! saves both time and money,

and provides personal safety.

It is an innovated electromechanical device

that keeps any 12 or 24 volt battery from going dead,

saving the life of your battery!

Learn More about PriorityStart!

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No More Dead Batteries

Simple Installation with No Hardwiring
Single or Multi-Battery Applications
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