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PriorityStart! is to install! 

PriorityStart! Easy Installation

PriorityStart! from Spokane, Washington, is simple and easy to install. Install PriortyStart! battery protector with easy-to-follow instructions.  These instructions show you how to install your device.  If you need more detailed instructions, refer to the owner's manual.



Installation Item List:

Item A. PriorityStart! Unit
Item B. Post Adapter
Item C. PriorityStart! Pos (+) Red Cable
Item D. U-Clip
Item E. PriorityStart! Ground Wire
Item F. Attachment Band
Item G. LED Power Indicator

First Diagram

Installation for Vehicle

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1a. (Top Post Only) Using a 7/8" wrench, tighten post adapter (Item B) firmly into top of PriorityStart! (Fig. 1)

1b. (Side Post Only) Using a 7/8" wrench, take post adapter (Item B) off of PriorityStart! Tighten firmly into positive terminal of battery (Fig. 6)

2. Install band (Item F) around battery

3. Reconnect negative battery cable to negative battery post and install u-clip (Item D) to terminal (Fig. 2 or Fig. 7)

4. Connect PriorityStart! red cable (Item C) to positive post on battery (Fig. 4 or Fig. 9)

5. Connect vehicle positive cable to PriorityStart! (Fig. 4 or Fig. 9)

6. Place PriorityStart! under band (Item F) (Fig. 5)

7. Connect ground wire (Item E) to u-clip (Fig. 3 or Fig. 8)

For installation, please use the actual owner's manual Click Here

Second Diagram

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