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Return on Investment

Average Cost of a Battery: $80.00
Average Amount of Batteries Replaced per Vehicle, per Year: One
Cost of Labor to Install a Replacement Battery: $15.00
Total Annual Cost of Labor to Install a Battery (One Vehicle): $95.00
Cost per Jump Start (Two Hours Lost at $45.00 per Hour): $90.00
Average Amount of Jump Starts per Vehicle, per Year: 1.5
Total Annual Cost of a Jump Start per Vehicle: $135.00
Resulting Annual Downtime per Vehicle (in Days): 1/2 Day
Cost for Outside Service (Average of Four Hours - $65.00/Hour): $260.00
Total Cost of Downtime per Year: $260.00
Total Cost of Burden per Vehicle, per Year: $295.00
Cost of PriorityStart! ProMax: $120.00
Cost of Labor (15-Minute Installation) at a $95.00/Hour Rate: $23.75
Total Cost of a PriorityStart! Installation: $122.75
Calculated Savings: 63.44%
Savings per Month: $25.90
Payback in Months (Using PriorityStart!): $4.74
Savings per Vehicle (Year One Minus Cost of PriorityStart!): $188.08
Savings per Vehicle (Year Two): $310.83
Total Savings for One Vehicle Over a Two-Year Period: $520.41
Total Number of Vehicles in Fleet (Estimate): 20
Total Cost of Burden per Vehicle, per Year: $295.00

Please note:
Larger fleets multiply the number of vehicles.

Example of Fleet with 20 Vehicles - Total Fleet Savings After Two Years: $10,040.82