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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

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What is it?

PriorityStart! is the only totally automatic battery/alternator/electrical protection system in the market today. PriorityStart! monitors the battery voltage. If battery voltage gets below 11.7 volts for a full minute, when the key is off, PriorityStart! automatically disconnects the battery. The unit then automatically reconnects the battery - simply operate a light switch, push on the brake pedal, or activate any other accessory and then turn the key! And START! NO DEAD BATTERY.

ProMax and ProMax H.D. units are small, computer chip driven, electro mechanical devices with a bi-directional motor and 10 gear system that delivers 243 to 1 gear drive ratio and closes with 100 pounds of linear force, (Heavy Duty (H.D.)) unit has been enhanced to deliver 40% more linear force for heavier duty vehicles).

It will handle a maximum of 1000 starting amps (Heavy Duty ProMax H.D. Unit handles 1600 starting amps) and uses proven technology. Its housing is polypropylene - the same material as a battery case, weight, approx. 1.5 pounds.

What does it do?

PriorityStart! passively monitors battery voltage and detects a drain on voltage (lights left on, door ajar, 2 way radio, GPS, computer, short in system etc..). If a drain is detected, PriorityStart! disconnects the battery, preventing deep discharge, saving starting power, i.e. minimizing the dangers associated with a dead battery such as getting stranded in a dangerous situation.
PriorityStart! saves down time (Man hours, service calls, upset customers etc.) and prevents damage to computer, and electrical system (Jump starting can do major damage to electrical system). It maximizes battery life and protects the alternator (not allowing the battery to go dead you get the maximum life out of the battery, and the alternator is designed to keep the battery going, it's not designed to charge a dead battery).

Please note: The PriorityStart! is a "Low-Voltage Automatic Battery Disconnect Switch". It is not a "Battery Booster", and it does not put power back into a dead (or low) battery. Therefore, for optimal performance, we strongly recommend that it is installed with a new battery.

Can the PriorityStart! save a bad battery?

The short answer: No. If you have a damaged or dying battery, it will not be able to hold a charge. The PriorityStart! will still detect a drain, and still disconnect at the 11.7 volt threshold. However, if the battery is bad, the voltage will continue to drop, not leaving any starting power. Remember: Our unit removes the electrical load going into the battery, but if the battery drops in voltage on its own (i.e. bad/damaged battery), there is nothing that our automatic battery disconnect switch can do. For this reason, we strongly recommend installing the PriorityStart! with a new battery.

How many amps does the PriorityStart! handle? Is it compatible with high amperage accessories?

The amount of Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) does not affect the operation of the PriorityStart!; however, it can only handle 1000 Starting Amps, (Heavy Duty ProMax H.D. Unit handles 1600 starting amps) - amps that the starter will pull. The continuous current rating is at 250 amps (400 amps on the Heavy Duty model).

How is it installed? Does it work on side post batteries?

PriorityStart! attaches as easy as 1, 2, 3... 1: Attach positive vehicle cable to top of unit. 2: Attach cable from PriorityStart! to positive post on battery. 3: Attach ground wire to negative battery post. NO HARD WIRING! Universal, fits both top or side post. Installation time typically 10-15 minutes.

Running the unit on a Dual Battery System:

On Dual Battery Installations, one PriorityStart! unit will handle most dual batteries configurations. Since there are a number of variables to the proper installation, please contact BLI direct for assistance at 509-467-4203. Additionally, you may email us at with details on your application. We then may be able to send you an instructional diagram.

Why do I need battery protection?

Every vehicle, or piece of equipment, new or old, requires a functioning battery to supply power - or it won't start! The fact is, when you get in your vehicle you rely on it to start. PriorityStart! assures that battery power will be available when you need it (According to the AAA (American Automotive Association) dead batteries are the number one cause of all road service calls).

If you experience a dead battery, you have lost not only time and money, but could be stranded in a potentially dangerous situation. Jump-starting can be dangerous to not only the vehicle but also the individual. Also, by preventing deep discharge, you maximize the life of the battery. One deep discharge can costs half the life of the battery.

Using battery starters, dangerous jumper cables, or questionable cigarette lighter devices means you have already had a "dead battery", and done irreparable damage to the battery.

How does PriorityStart! protect my battery?

PriorityStart! prevents the battery from deep discharging by disconnecting the battery at a factory preset level. Enough power is left to start the engine. Simply step on brake pedal or operate light switch, and the battery is automatically reconnected.

Can't I just buy a new battery?

Yes, but usually a new battery is not immediately available and a new battery will not provide the safety, convenience or starting protection of the PriorityStart!

How does PriorityStart! provide vehicle security or lift gate protection?

The PriorityStart! not only protects the owner, their time and safety, but it also protects the security system on the vehicle. If you experience a dead battery, the security system is inactive. With PriorityStart! if the battery drains below 11.7 volts it then disconnects the battery, but when the owner or would-be thief opens the door or attempts to start the vehicle, the battery system would be automatically reconnected, thus reconnecting the security system or gate lift.

Does PriorityStart! switch on and off every time I start the engine?

No PriorityStart! does not disconnect and reconnect each time the vehicle is started, only when a load has been left on when the key is turned off.

Doesn't the introduction of PriorityStart! in battery circuit decrease reliability?

No. PriorityStart! incorporates a heavy-duty contact and gear drive system that disconnects and reconnects the battery only when required. The contact resistance is less than 1 milliohm (ten thousandth of an ohm), and, in the closed position, exerts a clamping force greater than 100 linear pounds (40% more in Heavy Duty (H.D.) unit). The net effect of these features is an electrical connection superior to even a normal battery post/cable clamp connection.

PriorityStart! is an electro-mechanical device, thus when it operates you may hear the gears engage, this is normal. The quiescent draw is 12mA (milliamperes) in the connect mode, 9mA (milliamperes) in the disconnect. This is similar to a small LED, or a "negligible" draw.

If I need to disconnect the PriorityStart! for any reason - how would I do so?

As it is very important to install the unit in the correct order, the same goes for uninstalling. All you have to do is follow the installation instructions in reverse order - starting with removing the ground wire.

Can I use PriorityStart! on any 12 or 24-volt battery application?

PriorityStart! is suitable for any vehicle or engine-driven device which uses a standard 12 or 24-volt battery (handles 1000 starting amps - ProMax H.D. heavy duty model handles 1600 starting amps). We always recommend testing if your application falls out of normal applications.

Some examples:

• Automobiles, Light trucks, Recreational vehicles.
• Fleet vehicles, Van conversions, Motor homes.
• Construction vehicles, Mining equipment, Forklifts.
• Industrial vehicles, Farm vehicles, Delivery vehicles.

What are the temperature limits for PriorityStart!

Environmental design limits for PriorityStart! is -40.F to +185.F. The product has been in service in both North America and Foreign markets, since 1996, without a single report of failure from any temperature extreme.

How large is PriorityStart!?

Size of unit: 5"L X 3"W X 1.25"D - Retail packaging dimensions: 8.5"L X 5.5"W X 3"D. The complete unit, including cable, and packaging weighs approximately 1.5 pounds.

Does PriorityStart! disconnect the battery while the engine is running?

No. PriorityStart! is designed to provide battery protection when the engine is NOT running (ignition switch in the off position). It will not disconnect the battery when the engine is running, even though the battery voltage level drops below the factory-set safe threshold. Circuits within this product recognize an "engine running" condition by sensing electrical "noise" (30 millivolts) created by fuel injectors, fuel pump, fan motors, etc., and will not disconnect the vehicle battery. If a vehicle alternator or alternator belt fails, the "engine running" circuitry recognizes the condition and prevents disconnection at the 11.7-volt threshold, allowing the vehicle to continue on the reserve capacity of the battery. In such a situation you are entirely dependent on the reserve capacity of the battery.

Will PriorityStart! fit the battery in my vehicle?

PriorityStart! fits the majority of standard vehicle batteries. Installation is simple - only three (3) connections.

Once PriorityStart! is installed is there anything I need to do to make it operate?

No, PriorityStart! is totally automatic.

Can I transfer my PriorityStart! to another vehicle?

Yes, it can be easily transferred.

Does PriorityStart! prevent all dead batteries?

No, a battery can go dead from abuse or aging, but PriorityStart! maximizes the life of your battery. Remember, one deep discharge (which PriorityStart! prevents) reduces a battery's life by 30-50%.

Is the unit meant to protect batteries on vehicles in long-term storage?

No. We recommend that the vehicle is started every 30-60 days and run for at least 15 minutes. A battery can still discharge on its own if it is left for periods of time. The PriorityStart! will still disconnect at the appropriate threshold, even in this situation, but the voltage can continue to drop on its own not leaving any starting power.

What about memory devices in my vehicle?

Vehicle computer systems have memory that resets itself. Clock and radio may need resetting. Remember, PriorityStart! has protected your battery starting power. Without it you would still have to reset memory devices.

What is SecureStrap band made of?

SecureStrap is made to PriorityStart! specifications to exceed under hood temperatures, and maintain its tensile strength through years of installation. SecureStrap is impervious to all under hood fluids, such as battery acid and petroleum products. The material utilized (Ethylene Propylene Terpolymer) has been used for decades in hazardous and chemical industries. SecureStrap is made by a chemical firm that supplies their specialty products to schematically hazardous industries.

Is the PriorityStart! water-resistant?

Yes, all of the units are hermetically sealed.

How do I jump-start if I need to? What kind of effect can it have on my battery or alternator? Can I do it with the PriorityStart! attached? What about trickle chargers?

The manufacture does not recommend jump-starting any battery. Jump starting can cause major damage to the electrical system on the vehicle. Jump-starting a unit with a dead battery, and letting the alternator charge the battery is extremely hard on alternators. While charging, or jump-starting, a battery that has been completely discharged will seemingly revive it; please note that permanent damage has been done. A battery subjected to this abuse may load-test satisfactorily; however, much of its original capacity is lost forever.

Repeated episodes of this nature will result in a battery which will start the engine, once jump-started, but will FAIL to hold a charge after even a few minutes of nominal drain.

If you are charging the battery using a battery charger (i.e. trickle charger), please consult your vehicle's owner manual on battery charging. Do not charge thru the PriorityStart! unit. Be sure to connect any cables from the charger directly to the battery posts (NOT the top post on PriorityStart!). As a precautionary step, please temporarily remove the ground wire (on the PriorityStart!) from the negative terminal of your battery.