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Comparison of PriorityStart! to Other Products

PriorityStart! is totally automatic. There is no need to set timers. No forgetting. No worries!
PriorityStart! installs in less than 15 minutes! $22.50 average installation cost.
PriorityStart! is easy to install! Only three connections in six simple steps. Installation requires only a wrench. You only need to keep track of two to three pieces: the unit, the ground clip, and the top post.
PriorityStart! is safe. Protecting your battery from draining. Just reconnect the unit from inside of your vehicle and you're on your way!
PriorityStart! will protect the entire electrical system and is a complete battery disconnect. Thus assuring starting power!
PriorityStart! includes special features such as surge "spike" protection keeping your electrical system from unwanted damage, as well as an "engine run" safety circuit ensuring no disconnections while the engine is running.
Other Products
Other products are manually set and do not provide this convenient feature.
Other products take two or even three times longer! $67.50 average installation cost.
Other products require hardwiring and reconfigurations to an existing system. Or there may be many loose parts to handle in order to complete the setup.
Other products can potentially put you in an unsafe situation requiring you to exit your vehicle, open the hood, and push a button. In heavy traffic, this can lead to an unforgiving situation.
Other products will only protect certain aftermarket accessories, while leaving your starting system unprotected.
Other products do not always include either or both of these features. The majority of basic, manual disconnect switches do not.

Application & Usage Examples

12-Volt ProMax: Family Sedan, Classic Cars, Motorcycle, 

12-Volt ProMax H.D.: Police/Law Enforcement, Fire Trucks, Ambulance/Medical, Dual Batteries in Parallel, School Buses, Transportation, Off-Road,  Recreational/R.V.s, Racing, Utility, Forklifts, & Construction

24-Volt ProMax H.D.: Farming, Military, International Vehicles, & Dual Batteries in Series

Mobility: Van with Mobility Lifts/Ramps & Bus with Mobility Lifts/Ramps

Marine: Boats (12V), 25' or Less, Jet Skis, & Small Yachts

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